Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Two

I've tried to hit the ground running.

Most of the notes below I've robbed from the unmarked grave of an earlier blog. That blog was conceived in Costa Rica in 2003, only to be, like much else I've given birth to, stillborn.

My first note—on Light Yearscan be held responsible for my decision to begin The Bewildered Eye. Upon finishing Salter's delicate masterpiece I felt such enthusiasm for it and such bewilderment at its relative obscurity that I decided to speak up, however inconsequentially.

That note, the first I posted after "Inicio," is now buried by the others—a peculiarity of the blog form, which buries its own history. Books seem to me far more intuitive (and intellectually healthy), building upon themselves instead of entombing the process of thought that made them possible and that makes them comprehensible.

I would like to see a blog that one scrolls through horizontally instead of vertically. Does such a thing exist? Is it possible here?

Laments of an amateur.

I suspect I'll be updating this too often in the short term, swept up by nonsensical glee.

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