Saturday, December 5, 2009

Louis Armstrong

“When I blow I think of times and things from outa the past that gives me an image of the tune. Like moving pictures passing in front of my eyes. A town, a chick somewhere back down the line, an old man with no name you seen once in a place you don’t remember.”
A nice idea, but it doesn't explain this music:

If you haven't heard Armstrong's original Okey recording of "West End Blues" with his Hot Five, featuring Earl Hines on piano, you haven't heard the single greatest recording in the history of American music and the most influential work of art ever produced in this country. Listening to it this morning, I witnessed once again the invention of modern music, as it happened.

iTunes was on shuffle—when "West End Blues" finished, "Notion," by Kings of Leon, began, and I thought: "There he is. He's still in there." And he will always be, in every note we play, forever.

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