Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Must all the good things in life do battle between themselves?
  • Love with Peace
  • Memory with Time
  • Abundance with Simplicity
  • Joy with Rest
  • Freedom with Stability
  • Youth with Innocence
  • Exuberance with Wisdom
  • Secrecy with Knowledge
  • Privacy with Integrity
  • Passion with Tranquility
  • Sophistication with Purity
  • Beauty with Reason
  • Desire with Contentedness
  • Inquiry with Faith
  • Curiosity with Tradition
  • Comedy with Elegance
  • Lust with Composure
  • Action with Idea
  • Strength with Compassion
  • Bravery with Humility
  • Decisiveness with Patience
And on and on, the irreconcilable dilemmas of life, which are not struggles between good and evil but, to paraphrase an idea from Isaiah Berlin, between two goods. That's where life is lived—or lost.

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