Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Do My Part

With the boys I wandered Borders' carcass in Palo Alto this afternoon. Most of the bookshelves were bare, although, curiously, the Romance section appeared to be over-stacked; the Crime section, too. Philosophy was gutted. There were no children's books left. I couldn't find Poetry.

At 70% off I bought:

  • Hygiene and the Assassin, by Amélie Nothomb
  • The Quickening Maze, by Adam Foulds
  • One More Story: Thirteen Stories in the Time-Honored Mode, by Ingo Schulze
  • Mourning Diary, by Roland Barthes 
  • The Insufferable Guacho, by Roberto Bolaño
  • Remainder, by Tom McCarthy

Reviews forthcoming, perhaps, weeks, months, years from now.

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