Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Weakness is more interesting than strength.

Beauty is always unspent.

To be self-aware is to be other-unaware.

The dominatrix surrenders to her responsibility to dominate.

We respect the hero because he fights our mutual desire to watch the world burn.

A society pays for military progress with its intelligence.

What makes banter funny is its sadness.

A woman's legs render power, wealth, and narrative irrelevant.

When the heavens open, listen to the stars. Preferably one with an Academy Award.

A man in a suit is interesting insofar as he fails to be his suit.

To be violent is to commit suicide.

Lips are a window to the soul.

The common man is a child in need of protection.

Insects embody both the past and the future.

Heroes are slaves of their heroism.

Suffering's recompense is shawarma.

Music is redundant.

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