Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the Taxonomists

I was putting together a Radiohead mix tonight and came across this:

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  1. Boy, was watching this in class a trip. I took a second look at this video, and it still felt as if it were the first time watching. Two things that struck me while watching were: the two snails and the raining scene. I believe the song and music video give the viewer a meaningful message, "Life is beautiful, and don't forget it." The two snails looked as if they were making love. Whether they were having sex or not, I can honestly say that it was very beautiful. The seemingly timeless moment between both of them reminded me that we are beautiful creatures.
    The raining scene was interesting to me because it made me think about how life persists. Life, no matter the weather, life is beautiful; it is a day to day battle to survive. I think we, people, forget that life truly is beautiful. We get caught up in our jobs and plan for the day that we hyper-focus on these things. We forget that there is life all around us, we are just one of many. Life is extraordinary, it's too bad so many people miss it.