Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Six Months Later: A Goodbye

Blogging: a literary form that encourages many of my least appealing qualities: arrogance, know-it-allness, rage, laziness, egocentrism, dishonesty, evasion, impetuousness, worshipfulness, small-mindedness, conformism. Petty clamoring after an ultimately meaningless form of (self)-recognition.

The blog: written, like just about everything else these days, for the crowd. For the mob-mind. (See Cynthia Ozick, who says this best.)

If I were to write honestly, this would be nothing but a love letter. It would be addressed to a tiny audience: those I've loved, those I continue to love.

At its best, at its most intense, I've imagined it that way. As a kiss to the lost souls I required, require, and in some cases miss—so terribly. Including, I suppose, my own.

Listen to Ms. Ozick. Get thee to the novel.

This, if it's to exist, must now be something else.

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  1. well as they say, nothing lasts forever. It's kind of sucky to grow up and finally learn that lesson.