Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mars vs. the Maestro

During our class discussion of a Roman love poem this morning, I asked students what's popular on the radio right now. A student from Afghanistan, Nasratullah, named the song "Grenade," by Bruno Mars. Using my classroom's overhead projector, we watched the music video online. Before playing the song I saw that as of today the video has been viewed—get this—over 128 million times.

Later, during my fiction writing class, we read "Extracts from a Life," by Lydia Davis. In the story, a young violinist, after playing Mozart, says: "Filled with the joy of love, I gave up sadness."

So I found some Jascha Heifetz. My heart lifted to see that this particular piece has received nearly two million views.

The Maestro is coming for you, Bruno!

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