Monday, April 19, 2010

A Brief Theory of Change

Ignacio Padilla, from "The Crack Manifesto":
I believe that all ruptures, from the most quotidian ravings to the bloodiest and most radical revolutions, don't come from ideologies, but from fatigue.
(Original: Creo que vienen todas las rupturas, desde los más cotidianos desvaríos hasta las más cruentas y radicales revoluciones, no por ideologías, sino por fatiga.)
I've translated fatiga as "fatigue"—the obvious choice. It could also be translated as exhaustion or as weariness. Padilla suggests all three ideas by using, within the paragraph from which I've extracted this quote, cansancio, fatiga, and agotamiento.

Anyway, he's contemplating the history of literature and arguing that what leads to changes in art—in life!—is not, as one might expect, a shift in one's ideas, but nothing more nor less than weariness—cansancio.

Above, I've linked a translation of this absolutely fascinating text. A cursory look suggests that the translation is filled with errors. Case in point: in the quote I've included here, the translators translated "revoluciones" as "resolutions"—an indefensible choice.

If you're lucky enough to know Spanish, the original can be found here. (Oddly contaminated with textual errors itself.)

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