Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love Letters

My midnight response to the most recent column by David Brooks (found here) caught someone's eye at the NY Times. On Friday morning it was placed among other highlighted comments and so received more attention than it likely deserved.

But I was clever enough to note this blog's address at the end of my comment, which meant some new visitors. I saw on Friday night that four of them were kind enough to leave a complimentary note.

On Saturday, during my standard post-breakfast Internet surfing, I saw an article at The Atlantic called "Have Conservatives Gone Mad?" I didn't bother to read it. Instead, I clicked back to here and saw that the number of comments on my most recent blog post had jumped from four to eight. More applause! I thought.

Not quite:
Anonymous said...
Commie motherfucker Eric Treanor
Your comment in the NYT article is shit, like you.
If you support Obama and his Regime, you support a Statist authoritarian who is an empty suit who speaks in platitudes who is beholden to the oligarchical collectivists and banking cabals. You are against freedom, liberty and our constitutional republic and the notion that all of our rights are inborn and are given by our creator. Some autocrat in Washington does not grant rights - the constitution simply enumerates them for added protection. The constitution also limits the Powers of the Federal Government yet an expansionist authoritarian view is used in modern times contrary to what Madison had intended. If you support Obama you support the biggest threat to our free will in our history, and when the last bastion of freedom in the USA falls, there is nowhere else to go. 
I will go down HARD to keep fucking scum like you from getting my money and my kids money, fucker.
Anonymous said...
Rat vermin. Unconstitutional. NO, you cant take my money and give it to someone else for a long list of things you say they need. This will never end. And IM busy taking care of my family This is absurd to assault the middle class and the bankrupt states with this aggressive unconstitutional scandalous WRONG legislation. This is meant to lower care standards, it will raise rates, and I will NEVER participate in this communist trash, I will get on a plane to whatever country the doctors are all going to leave for (costa rica) and the major stuff Ill get done there. Ill buy emergency insurance for local accidental stuff. I will never be subjugated by this. And the real kicked, NO OPT OUT, no opt out means its TRASH, congress OPTED ITSELF OUT, but everyone else, no choice? I have a choice, good luck trying to make me pay for this trash.
We are going to repeal it, and then we are going to start tearing down that FDR communist trash, , social security,medicare, etc. Its all going away, you went to far you progressive rat communists,.
Its either ALL ENTITLEMENTS go away or EVERYONE PAYS A FLAT TAX. Thats it, you rats want more, but you pay none of the taxes, check out perot charts for reality. Half the people in the USA pay NOTHING, yet the whine.
Im done. I am totally against ALL entitlements now, EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. You pricks don't deserve it. All of it must go now. No more education subsidy, no more social security no more medicare or medicaid no more SCIP no more anything. You went to far and now you need to see what you already had, you rats!
You bankrupted the country with progressive trash, and now you are chasing all the work and businesses away. When FDR did this trash, there was no women laboring in the workforce, there was no India and China. Now every opportunity you drop due to progressive wealth redistribution will NEVER EVER COME BACK.
Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things:
bread and circuses
(Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81) (c. 150AD)
They are bribing the middle class by using identity politics and bribing us.... WITH OUR OWN MONEY!!!
I'm done. You've crossed the line. I need to feed my family, learn to make your own way you rats.
Anonymous said...
I pledge allegiance to Goldman Sachs, and to the conspiracy for which it stands, one racket under Obama, Fascist and indivisible, with slavery, debt, and poverty for all.
Of course one of the points of my comment to David Brooks was that Obama is actually doing less "taking away" from the middle class than Pres. Bush—a point lost on this particular fellow American. (My guess is that all of these comments were made by the same person.)

Anyway, I haven't forgotten my Proverbs: "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou be like unto him."

I do like the Juvenal quote, though.


  1. It amazes me that people still use vitriol as their weapon of choice. It doesn't matter where one is on the political spectrum; that kind of angry extravagance will make me turn my head in dismissal immediately. Liberals, conservatives, people who purport to be straddling the fence - all their arguments immediately nulled, whether or not they have a point.

    Rage may be effective for some speakers, with certain audiences, but to me, a clear heading and a calm declaration, and above all, a willingness to kindly disagree, are what make a more convincing debate.

  2. Crossing the line...going down hard...scary stuff. Scarier still if they put their names to their threats, but hey.
    It is a culture of shock and awe. Apparently, 15 minutes of fame can be had by those of us who refuse to be confused by the facts and are willing to say just about anything into the ethernet or on the Washington Mall.

    Justice Douglas said the best remedy for 1st amendment issues is more speech. But having the right to say something doesn't always mean its the right thing to say.